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How To Make The Law of Attraction Actually Work For You


Returning Home to the Wholeness of Love & Receiving Everything You Desire eBook

How To Manifest Your Desires

Rediscover Your Wholeness & Be Filled With The Most Wonderful Feeling Of Uplifting Joy As You Realize That Receiving All That You Desire Just Flows Naturally As A Result. Heal Your Mind & Heart From The Pain & Limitation of "Spiritual Forgetfulness", Begin Your Journey of Healing From Religious Abuse - Including The Religiously Abusive Ideas That Both "Spiritual" AND Many "Non-Religious" People Don't Even Realize They've Been Unconsciously Enslaved To & Encapsulated By, & Discover The Infinite Power, Creativity, & Love Of The TRUEST Spiritual YOU.

Make The Law of Attraction Work For You - Learn Conscious Creation

Spiritual Secrets For Manifesting Your Heart's Desires Into Reality

Expand into your Authentic Wholeness of Being and RECEIVE all of the good you desire in your life. Learn how to live the joy of your answered prayer, where all that you could ever hope or ask for gracefully flows into your life easily and effortlessly, as if on the wings of angels.

Imagine having all of the desires of your heart finally coming true, free-flowing effortlessly to you on a sweet current of perfect grace... Having the things you so deeply long for in your life becomes so easy, truly effortless. You feel so good that life is continually bringing you all that you desire, and so much more. You never knew it could be THIS easy. Open your heart and be willing to RECEIVE the abundance of love and blessings soon to come your way.

Reunite With Your Wholeness & Receive All That You Desire.


Returning Home to the Wholeness of Love & Receiving Everything You Desire eBook

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How To Manifest Your Desires

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